Study in VMU - Its 94-year-old progenitor University of Lithuania !

Deadline:  30 July, 2017

Open to: International students


VMU Now and Before

Established in 1922 (re-established in 1989) and ranked as the TOP 700 university in the world (QS World University Rankings),  Vytautas Magnus University is one of the most liberal and modern academic institutions in Lithuania, boasting an exciting history, nurturing and continuing deep-rooted traditions, playing a leading role in not just Lithuanian, but also the entire Baltic and European intellectual and cultural sphere. The academic community of VMU is united by the idea of artes liberales, i.e. the classical university of liberal arts. Warm, honest interaction and liberal humanist spirit always follow and provide strength to the community.

Artes liberales principle fostered by the university allows students to freely change and organize their   schedule, minor in one field and major in another, travel abroad on international exchange and get ready for those    trips by taking few of nearly 30 foreign language courses available which never interfere with the specialty subjects.

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